Basics of Liposuction Step by step tutorial of Cosmetic surgery procedures

This is a basic video of conventional tumescent liposuction. This shows infiltration technique in the abdomen and flank region and methods of deep medium and superficial liposuction. These are basic steps that will help to learn the art of Liposuction. Liposuction to reduce tummy fat and improve waistline. Tumescent technique for liposuction is a method to uniformly inject cocktail of local anaesthetics and adrenaline that prevents bleeding and numbs the region. Liposuction is performed using 3 mm and 4 mm mercedes cannula that mulches the fat and uniformly sucks it out. A bloodless aspirate is the immediate goal. A proper and uniform contouring is achieved if it is done in a layered fashion. Deep liposuction is important to reduce size and shape the body where as medium and superficial liposuction is for draping of skin and tightening of skin. Approximately 5-7 small incisions are used in hidden areas that does not require suturing. The resultant scar is very insignificant. Liposuction in dubai can be performed under local anaesthesia and IV sedation in a hospital or day care surgery facility.
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