body neutrality is on the rise… but not without its shortcomings

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i wish i had mentioned the politicization of bodies explicitly (e.g.,
***this is NOT a diss on body neutrality. just trying to talk about how it isn’t the final solution — how there can’ never be one movement that is objectively better when body image is a complex relationship, unique to every individual.

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0:00 intro
5:46 introducing the interviewees 😀
9:11 contextualizing thoughts from our guests
19:37 privilege behind body neutrality
21:30 individual-centred movements
25:58 part something: i’m a narcissist
29:36 a sprinkle of phenomenology
32:26 romanticism vs. realism

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Schubert: Piano Sonata No. 21 In B Flat Major, D.960 – I. Molto moderato

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