BREAST AUGMENTATION Surgery Video – Salih Onur Basat M. D.

How is breast augmentation done? Preparation process and videos from surgery.

“The importance aesthetics of breast increases due to it is beyond an organ for women and seen as femininity symbol. Breast aesthetics is one of the most satisfactory operations in aesthetic operations. The breast place of the breast and the ideal size increase the self- confidence of female patients.

Breast tissue passes through some stages of development starting from adolescence and reaches the dimensions that should be at the end of adolescence. Due to hereditary or acquired reasons, insufficient development and changing and reduction of breast size after birth or due to weight loss request enlargement augmentation surgery.

What are the methods of breast augmentation?
Breast implants are the most common method among breast augmentation surgeries. Using silicone breast implants provide the most accurate and reliable results in breast augmentation surgeries. Other than that, fat injection is another method used for breast augmentation. After fat injections, 50% of the fat is absorbed by the body. For this reason, it is not possible to predict the breast volume after fat injections. In this case, silicone breast implants provide more reliable results than fat injections. However, there is no certified filling material to be used in breast procedures. Even though breast implant is favorable among patients as it is a non-surgical procedure, it is not recommended to increase breast size by filling techniques.

What are the types of breast implants in breast augmentation surgeries?
The most common types of breast implants are round or shaped like a teardrop. There is also another type named ergonomic breast implants which have been used in the recent years. Ergonomic breast implants takes a round shape when lying down, and takes the form of a teardrop when standing up…”

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