Breast implant revision surgery to fix bad implant position!

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In this video, Dr. Megan Jack – Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon – shows a close up view of surgery to fix a breast implant capsule. Dr. Jack describes one option for capsulorraphy, or breast capsule repair, for an abnormally positioned breast implant. She then takes you into her OR to show how she performs “popcorn” tightening followed by a corset suture placement to reposition the implant. Abnormal implant position is an often minor, non-life threatening complication of breast augmentation often treated with a small revision surgery.

The information in this video is presented as education only and does not represent medical advice. Please consult with Dr. Jack or a board-certified plastic surgeon near you for specific recommendations.

Dr. Jack can be reached at East Tennessee Plastic Surgery in Knoxville, TN at or (865) 694-9886

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