Breast reduction surgery with Dr. Rad

Watch Dr. Rad perform breast reduction surgery on a woman who suffered from back pain from large breasts. Dr. Rad’s goals in breast reduction are: 1️⃣ to relieve neck/back pain caused overly large breasts and 2️⃣to lift and restore ideal breast contour, symmetry and body proportion. Dr. Rad’s patient‘s breast size caused constant back, neck and shoulder pain which limited her physical activity. She also wanted natural breast fullness without having to rely on wearing multiple bras. Dr. Rad used a central pedicle Wise scar pattern (lollipop + anchor) with an “internal bra suspension” technique to create a beautiful shape that lasts. shows her 10 day result: as tissues settle and scars fade her result will improve even more with time. Follow Dr. Rad on Instagram and FB for more sneak peeks in surgery!