Consultation Process with Dr. Asher Siddiqi | Vaser Liposuction Specialist in Manchester UK

Dr. Asher Siddiqi is one of the most respected doctors at Manchester Private Hospital who specialises in Aesthetic and Health. He takes us through the consultation process and the various layers attached within.

Even before you consult Dr. Siddiqi, you will be asked to fill some data in a medical and psychological questionnaire. These will evaluate not only your physical health but also your psychological health. The analysis of your forms is assessed by Dr. Siddiqi himself to see whether you are ready for a procedure. After this, your general complaints will be taken into consideration by Dr. Siddiqi, and the physical check up of the area shall also be done.

The procedure is not rushed in any way. In fact, you will be given the pros and cons, along with the potential complications of the procedure to facilitate a better decision. General advice on healthy living and natural weight loss procedures are also provided to every patient before they want to take surgery.

Another great thing Dr Siddiqi highlights is that your expectations and requirements are also taken into consideration before the procedure is planned. It is essentially a collaborative process Dr Siddiqi tries to meet your expectations keeping in mind all the safety precautions that are to be taken. Once it is decided that the procedure can be done, a cooling-off period is given to the patients. This time period allows them to make any adjustment in the decisions and review the next steps.

After two weeks of cooling off, if the patient still wants to go ahead with the procedure then, Dr Siddiqi shall initiate the procedure in no time at all. At Manchester Private Hospital, we like to take care of you in the best way possible. We pay great respect to the decisions that you come to and give your sufficient time to review the process and the procedure.

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