Does “Tummy tuck” have medical benefits too? or is it Purely cosmetic? Dr.Surindher explains

Tummy tuck is not only a cosmetic procedure, but it helps medical benefits too.

Because of the laxity of the muscle post pregnancy, the “core” of the body is compromised causing problems to posture and to the spine.

The loose heavy abdomen in front continues to collect fat and then you end up arching your back to compensate for the weight in front and that leads to back pain

The large heavy panniculus in front ( fold of skin) causes a lot of hygiene issues too and the sweat collects and causes infections. The loose skin of the lower abdomen may extend into the pubic area as well and can cause an overhang of the pubic area which can cause issues in hygiene, urination and personal relationships.

SO following a tummy tuck, the core is tightened, the huge panniculus is removed and the pubic lift is also done along with it which helps solve all these problems.

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