FBK Hustlers Episode 01 | FBK Boys going broke

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There’s a lot of controversy in the lives of FBK crew members, whether they are rich, wealthy or generally poor by faking their lifestyle. As the media portrays them as people who got chased off national television, how true are those allegations? Welcome to FBK Hustlers.

This reality show has only one purpose from it’s cast members and that is to inspire and show hustle, they are not looking for fame but money instead, what you think about them remains your business, watch the world of a very complicated yet still realistic man, DJ Coach and his crew members.

In this episode it shows the rumors people have are true, which is these guys fake their lifestyle and they are not as wealthy as they appear. Yet still some of the activities they do or say state otherwise, stay tuned to understand as to why these young hustlers are currently broke. Welcome once more and don’t forget to follow the main guy DJ Coach on social platforms:

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Episode 02 will shock you, stay tuned!

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All activities performed in this show are not to be constituted as financial advice or anything else out of proportion, this remains how the characters live their lives in general, do not copy what they do!