Hair Transplant Post Op Care Instructions – HRBR – Hair Restoration Blackrock

Hair transplant post-op care instructions for HRBR patients, post hair transplant surgery timeline (as of March 2019).
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– [Announcer] The days and weeks following your transplant procedure are critically important and it’s vital to follow all the post operative instructions to ensure a successful outcome. Immediately after your transplant, you will need to start spraying your hair. You will need to spray the transplanted area and the stitches in the donor area every 20 minutes for the first 12 hours. A small spray, and a bottle of saline solution will be provided upon discharge from the clinic. Before you spray, put some towels and an Inco sheet around your shoulders and let all the water drip down. You will need to spray vigorously. When spraying, keep the bottle approximately two to three inches from your head. Pass the spray between both hands to ensure you fully soak both the transplanted and the donor areas. Use your left hand to spray your left side, and the right hand to spray the right. Once the saline solution has been used up, you may use ordinary tap water. You may ask a family member or friend to spray for you if it’s more convenient. Once you have completed the twelve hours of spraying, you should sleep for a few hours. For the next three days, you will need to spray the area half hourly during your waking hours. But, you can sleep as normal at night. It is essential for the survival of the transplanted grafts that they be kept well hydrated throughout this period. Spraying also prevents any scab formation on the transplanted and donor areas. During these three days, immediately post-op, do not touch the transplanted hair. If you need to comb your hair, only do so if it’s soaking wet. Gently skim the comb over your hair. Do not press the comb down onto your scalp. On day four, you will commence a tea tree shampoo regime. Fill a clean bowl with tepid water, and add a dollop of tea tree shampoo. Mix it well with the water until it is good and soapy. Use a cup or a jug to pour the solution carefully over the transplanted and the donor areas. Do not rub the transplanted area. Pat down gently on the grafts. Wash the suture line gently, using a circular motion. Ensure all the suds are rinsed off using ordinary clean water. We recommend that you allow your hair to dry naturally. If necessary, you may pat it dry gently with a clean towel. This regime should be carried out once per day, from day 4 to day 14. It’s important to remember that swelling can occur after three days. If it does, it may take up to three days to resolve. During the initial 14 days post-op please do not wear a hat, do not use a power shower, do not use any hair products, and do not use a hair dryer. It’s also vitally important to avoid heavy lifting or strenuous exercise for the next four weeks. In the case of emergency, when the clinic is closed, your surgeon’s number will be provided and highlighted in the written post-op instructions. Your stitches will be removed 7-10 days after the procedure. For FUE procedures, follow all the same post-op instructions. However, you may return to exercise after 14 days. For eyebrow transplants, follow all the same instructions, but be sure to use a towel to protect your eyes while spraying. Throughout this period, wash your hands regularly. Before spraying, and before applying the tea tree shampoo, use the alcohol hand gel provided. If you’ve any concerns or questions during the initial post-op period, the staff at HRBR will be happy to answer any questions, and can be contacted by phone on +353 1 2091000 or by email at
This video is designed to assist HRBR hair transplant patients, post surgery. These instructions are meant to accompany the individual hair transplant post-op instructions given to each patient by their HRBR surgeon and medical team.