Instantly BOOST Your Charisma | #shorts

One of the simplest ways to increase your perceived charisma is…⁣
to PAUSE!⁣

Studies demonstrate that charismatic people are supportive, sensitive, nurturing, and considerate. Not only that, they also exude a mysterious, almost intangible quality that’s a unique combination of quiet confidence, credibility and presence. ⁣

When they enter a room, people look.⁣
When they talk, people want to listen.⁣

And the best part about charisma is that you can develop it. ⁣

One simple way to develop charisma through your presence and perceived confidence starts with how you communicate. ⁣
Next time you’re interacting with someone, see if you can pause for 2-3 seconds before responding. ⁣

I call it the 3SP – 3 Second Pause.⁣

Of course, you’ll still want to maintain eye contact so they know you’re paying attention, and you want to have an engaged look on your face – a blank stare will probably raise some eyebrows and might even prompt an “are you ok??”… You can even take a small breath before you speak so you ‘audience’ knows something’s coming…⁣

This is a particularly useful skill when in interviews, on panels or when presenting in public and answering questions. ⁣

Have you ever seen anyone use this and what did you think? ⁣
Or have you used it? How did you find it? ⁣

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