LIVE SURGERY: Liposuction for Type IV Stage II Lipoedema by Mr Vasu Karri | Before & After Images

In this video, leading Plastic Surgeon Mr Vasu Karri describes the features of Type IV, Stage II lipoedema, before marking up the patient for surgery and undertaking the first of four liposuction procedures.

Over the course of this first liposuction procedure, Mr Karri removed 5 litres of fat. In total, the patient had 15.9 litres of fat removed.

Watch to the end to see before and after images.

Lipoedema is a poorly recognised metabolic condition, characterised by excessive and painful fat on the lower limbs. Despite best efforts with diet and exercise, patients are unable to lose weight from their lower limbs. Lipoedema is a progressive condition, often leading to a dependency on painkillers, knee arthritis and difficulty walking.

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* Please note this video contains footage of a live surgery which some viewers may find graphic.