Male Six-Pack Ab Sculpting | 4D VASER Hi-Def Body Sculpting | Abdominal Etching By Dr. Jason Emer

Dr. Jason Emer is an expert in high-def six pack ab sculpting for both men and women in Beverly Hills, CA. The results are amazing. Make sure to watch out for his before and after photos and testimonials. Visit for more.

Dr. Jason Emer — a facial rejuvenation and body contouring expert in Beverly Hills/Los Angeles, California, — uses the latest and most innovative techniques for body sculpting and abdominal etching. He uses a 4D approach to body shaping by combining multiple devices such as ultrasound (VASER) or laser (SmartLipo)-assisted liposuction along with hand and power-assisted (Power X or MicroAire) etching of the musculature. He also uses water-assisted (BodyJet) fat harvesting which gives him pure fat to transfer to muscles such as the chest, buttock, shoulders, and calves to give muscular size and definition. He is the only doctor in Los Angeles/Beverly Hills, California, to perform this type of hi definition procedure and travels all over the world lecturing on his innovative techniques and learning from other experts in the hi definition body sculpting techniques. See how his patient flexes after being sculpted, this patent is awake and has no pain because of the local numbing used to perform this procedure.

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