My 3 Biggest Regrets About My Gynecomastia (Gyno) Surgery Recovery Experience!

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Sup everyone,

My name is Jacob McDonald and I want to welcome you to my YouTube channel.

In this series of videos I take you through my gynecomastia surgery and post-surgery recovery journey.

My story goes like this. I developed gyno through the onset of puberty at around 12 years old and dealt with the sh*t that came with it for 15 long years.

That included various levels of bullying throughout my school years, never feeling comfortable without my shirt on and an extreme anxiety surrounding wearing anything that wasn’t dark in colour because all I could ever focus on was my nipples.

It wasn’t until I started going to the gym regularly at around 18 years old that I decided to do some research and figure out exactly what this was, why I had it and what I could do about it.

I eventually found out about gynecomastia surgery not long after that and due to my particular case not improving or changing at all since developing it at 12 years old I knew that if I wanted to fix this properly I would one day need to get this surgery.

The surgery was always out of reach due to the price and I also began to just live with it and accept my body. However my love for bodybuilding and training in the gym grew over the next few years and at the age of 24 I competed in my first bodybuilding show.

I can safely say that at this point I was living life without too much of a worry because I had learned to accept it which comes with age and maturity, but certainly still lived with the anxiety around wearing light coloured clothing etc.

I reduced my body fat down to single digits for the first time in my life at this point and realised that I may have what people might describe as a “minor” case of gyno but in my mind, it was even more pronounced.

I knew that if I wanted to get back on a bodybuilding stage one day that I would need to get the surgery done.

I was eventually able to find a surgeon that offered a drastically reduced price due to the surgery being covered somewhat by Medicare which is Australia’s version of government subsidised health care.

I finally decided to book the surgery and in November of 2017 at 26 years of age I had the procedure done.

My recovery was a rocky one. It tested me mentally like I had never been tested before and through that I decided to bring my experience to my YouTube channel.

That was one of the toughest things I’ve ever done but it did help me due to the support I received at the time and now has also gone on to help thousands of other men dealing with the same issues I faced.

I faced depression, anxiety, regret, disbelief, and many more emotions throughout the recovery process but managed to stay strong and if there is one thing I can say with the upmost confidence as I sit here today, that would be that the surgery was still worth it.

I want you to make the right decisions when it comes to choosing a surgeon, preparing your body prior to surgery and looking after it after surgery. Do what I say, not what I did.

I’ve made a video playlist on my YouTube channel titled “MY GYNECOMASTIA RELATED VIDEOS” for you to find easily.

Thanks for watching and much love!



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