Scarless Facelift

Even you don’t understand anything about the surgery, you can observe that how it was performed delicately without any bruising nor swelling: We call it “Atraumatic Surgery” means without any damage Just a highly talented surgeon is able to show her/his immediate art with so much confident 🥇 A significant structural remodeling was achieved for this young lady 🥳

P.S: For me, the age of the candidate is up to her/his tissues for a facial rejuvenation. You may need that surgery in your 20s or 50s ‼️ If you have so much laxity on your face, you don’t need to spend your next 30 years without any fresh and young look by waiting for it Just live how you want to and We will do our best whenever you need us in your 20s or 50s 🤗 #tashospital #drsuleymantas #facelift #necklift #scarlessfacelift #endoscopicmidfacelift #nanofatinjection #rhinoplasty #upperblepharoplasty #facialrejuvenation #browlift #browliftsurgery