Sculpt Your Body…with Patterns! (Tips for All Body Types)

Learn about different patterns for different body type and how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe:

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→ Knit Tie in Solid Light Blue:
→ Soft White Pocket Square with Blue X-stitch:
→ Madder Tie in Green Macclesfield Neats Blue Orange Pattern:
→ Magenta, Pink, Grey Mottled Knit Tie:
→ Edelweiss Boutonniere:
→ Off White Rabbits on Wine Red Pocket Square:
→ Shadow Stripe Socks Brown & Blue:

→ Grids, Plaids, and Windowpanes:
→ Stripes in Menswear:
→ Style Guide for the Big & Tall Man:
→ Style Guide For The Slim Man:
→ How to Dress for Your Body Type:
→ The Best Jeans for Your Style & Body Type:

→ Script: Aaron White
→ Camera: Chris Dummer
→ Editing: Jonathan Oster

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→ Dentalpar

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00:00 Patterns & Body Types – Introduction

When addressing your body type with clothing, the goal may not necessarily be to make you look taller, shorter, thinner, or wider. It could be simply to make you look proportional.

Whether your legs are long and your torso is short or vice versa, you can use patterns on the fabric of your clothing to even these out and, in turn, make you appear visually more proportional, which will give you the desired appearance of being taller, shorter, thinner, you name it.

00:46 Types of Patterns: Checks
01:04 Stripes
** Awning stripes
** Pencil stripes
** Pinstripes
** Chalk Stripes
02:13 Micropatterns
02:24 Large Patterns

It’s a good idea to consider all of these patterns and all of these body types, as not everyone’s body will fit into just one single category, and seeing as we wear clothing all over our body, it is important to consider all aspects and all parts of our body.

03:07 Body Types: Wide Gentlemen
04:36 Thin Gentlemen
06:13 Short Gentlemen
07:16 Tall Gentlemen
08:37 Summary

To achieve the appearance you want, whether that’s to look taller, shorter, thinner, or wider, incorporate patterns in your wardrobe that best complement your body type. Of course, patterns can’t physically change your body’s size, but using them to look more proportional will help even you out visually.

It’s obvious that we all don’t fit neatly into one category. You could be tall and thin or tall and wide, short and wide or short and thin, etc. So, make sure to take advice from all of today’s body categories and do what’s best to address your unique body type.

However, patterns can only do so much to help you. Other things to consider to help you achieve that perfect look: consider the cut of your suit and the proportions of your garments.

09:38 Example: How Kyle Uses Patterns

For many years, Kyle has been using varying sizes of checks and stripes in my sport coats and shirts to appear, what he thought in his head, would make me look more muscular. As he has grown, he has been purchasing more solid colors, the occasional stripes, but also bigger check patterns. He rarely will seek out checked pants as he doesn’t usually want to appear much wider than he is. But, he does own a few pairs of both small check pattern pants and some wider windowpane pants.

10:20 Outfit Rundown