Tips For A Fast NOSE JOB/SURGERY Recovery

After undergoing rhinoplasty, you’ll likely be pleased to learn that the recovery time isn’t terribly long, nor does recovery involve any severe amount of pain in most cases. The vast majority of post-operation patients do not require pain medication, and if you follow the guidelines provided to you by your medical professional, you are likely to have a relatively rapid and simple recovery. To learn more about rhinoplasty and what the recovery experience is like, you can speak to a qualified surgeon in Toronto, such as those found at Edelstein Cosmetic.

The amount of “downtime” one experiences after rhinoplasty will of course vary on the nature of the procedure and whether it was open or closed rhinoplasty. Other factors which will play a part in the duration of your recovery are the areas of the nose which were adjusted, such as the tip or whether an osteotomy (breakage of the nasal bones) was necessary.

There are several activities to avoid after having rhinoplasty which will speed up your recovery. Avoid exercise of any vigorous nature for a few weeks, don’t go swimming (in a pool or a natural body of water), eat mild foods which won’t require you to chew excessively, and—this one is often forgotten—don’t wear glasses for the first month or so. Overall, avoid placing any unnecessary stress or weight on your nose or face.

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