Two Champions of Shaolin

A team that ranks high in the pantheon of cult Kung fu flicks is a quintet of martial artists who burst upon the screen in The Five Venoms, followed by Crippled Avengers and other cult classics. The “five venoms” are reunited in Two Champions of Shaolin, with four of the fab five wreaking havoc on screen and the fifth venom active behind the camera as action choreographer. It’s a battle between two Ching Dynasty clans, Shaolin and Wu Tang. The Shaolin champions are anti-Manchu and, naturally, represent the forces of good as they use their considerable force to crush the devious Wu Tang clan. The man behind the mayhem, director Chang Cheh, virtually invented the Shaolin genre of Kung fu movies and shows he has more than a few new tricks up his sleeve when unleashing his venomous heroes.