What Causes Gynecomastia? 6 Gynecomastia Causes!

We cover 6 causes of Gynecomastia, and what you need to know about your body and your lifestyle in regards to its impact on the development of Gynecomastia (also known as Man Boobs). If you believe that you are experiencing any of the warning signs, it is important to seek your doctor.

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The video explains 6 of the most common Gynecomastia causes:

CAUSE #1: Hormone Changes

CAUSE #2: Medications

CAUSE #3: Drugs and Alcohol

CAUSE # 4: Pre-Existing Health Conditions

CAUSE #5: Herbal Products

CAUSE #6: Age and Puberty

Gynecomastia (also referred to as man boobs or male breasts) can affect people of all ages. From hormones to medications, drugs, health conditions, herbal products, and age, there is much to look for in terms of Gynecomastia causes (causes of Man Boobs).

Knowing these causes can help you identify and mitigate Gynecomastia or man boobs as soon as possible.

20% of men experience Gynecomastia during their lifetimes. If you feel that you have Gynecomastia, you can use this video to identify causes, and take action.

Individual diagnosis varies from patient to patient and depends on your medical history and current medical conditions. Please consult with the doctor regarding your specific medical situation and treatment.

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