What is Body Aesthetic Treatment | The treatments for skin, fat and muscle

Aesthetic medical treatments are not only helping to enhance people’s physical appearance but also improve psychological well-being.

There are many options for body aesthetic treatments, depending on which target area we wish to improve. Our body consists of 3 different components: Skin, fat, and muscle. For example, if a patient wishes to have body sculpting, the doctor must first go for fat reduction treatment, only then proceed with treatment to work on toning the muscle. Skin sagginess and laxity are also issues that need to address after losing a high-fat percentage.

Treatment for skin: Use Radio-frequency or laser treatment
– To stimulate and promote new collagen production in the skin

Treatment for fat: cryolipolysis treatment (Coolscuplting)
– To freeze up the fat and remove dead fat cells from the body naturally

Treatment for muscle: multi-directional electrical impulse
– To stimulate and strengthen muscle with muscle contraction

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