When is the right time to perform a hair transplant surgery? – Dr. K Prapanna Arya

Firstly it is very vital to know your hair loss options as soon as you notice some amount of hair thinning. For the fact that you have noticed some amount of hair thinning, does not necessarily mean that you have to go for a hair transplant procedure. We need to evaluate your case by taking a thorough case history and also you see some diagnostic tools such as hair densitometry to find out the extent of hair loss. If you belong to male pattern alopecia, then that is androgenetic alopecia, the first line of treatment is medical therapy, which would involve the use of minoxidil or finestride. By taking these medications, it would help in stabilizing your hair fall condition to a great extent. It means to say that with constant use of this medication you are preventing your hair from thinning at a faster rate, which would have in the absence of medication. There comes a stage, where you would notice about greater than 80% of hair would have thinned out in one area of the scalp and in other area of the scalp which has stabilized with the help of this medication. That generally is the time considered right for hair transplant. But if you are not comfortable with using medication, we have an alternative protocol of IPRF, which is Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin which would help in hair thinning and hair loss treatment as compared to medication. So it is always better to go for hair loss treatment first, followed by medication.