Will there be scarring after breast reduction? When will scars fade?- Dr. Srikanth V|Doctors’ Circle

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This is a surgery and whenever you have a surgery, there will be scars or surgical marks. These are the tell tale signs of surgery and you can’t wish them away. As of today here is no technology to make sure that it completely goes away. The commonest kind of marks are there are either around the areola like a coin shaped line or a lollipop shaped line, that is a circle around the areola an the line going all around the lower part or depend on what technique was used, the line may extend to an inverted T or a line going towards armpit however these lines are very significant. Over a period of time it will fade away and it will fade away to an extent that you may not notice that. However if you do feel that if your worst anxiety is scars, visit your plastic surgeon who may be able to do a scar revision who may be able to minimize the scars. Also it depends on the kind of care you take after surgery. How much antiscar treatment you are advised and how responsive you are to this antiscar treatment.